Daniela Andrier

Daniela Andrier is an award-winning perfumer for Givaudan Fragrances. Passionate about perfume and the nostalgia sparked by different scents from an early age, it was only after completing a philosophy degree in Paris that she discovered it as a career.

Renowned for her love of irises, the scent from this delicate flower, which is extracted from the roots, is found in many of her perfumes. Indeed, it was Daniela and Clara’s shared love of the ingredient that led to the creation of Moroccan Leather. The seventh leather-based perfume to join the Cuirs Nomade range, Moroccan Leather leaves a soft and beguiling trail in its wake.

On the power of perfume, Daniela said : “You can be someone without wealth, and without amazing clothes, but with a perfume you can give yourself an allure and elegance. That, to me, is magic”.